Manchester by the Sea

February 10 2017, 1 Comments

Most dramas use emotion as a device to connect with the audience. Some emotional event – a calamity or crisis – elicits an emotional response in

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Batman Begins

June 28 2005, 0 Comments

DC Comics was in desperate need of a hit movie to revive its Batman franchise. Movies from the Marvel Comics stable, in particular Spider-man and its sequel,

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Fahrenheit 9/11

November 1 2004, 0 Comments

After the credits have rolled, Fahrenheit 9/11 begins with recordings of the September 11 disaster. But it’s not the familiar footage of airplanes

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I, Robot

July 25 2004, 1 Comments

In his book “I, Robot”, Isaac Asimov sets out the Three Laws of Robotics: a set of axiomatic rules that robots are programmed to follow. The neat logic

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Kill Bill Vol. 2

June 14 2004, 0 Comments

Many people complained bitterly about Quentin Tarantino being allowed to head up the Grand Jury at Cannes this year. After all, he only has five movies

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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

April 18 2004, 0 Comments

I had great expectations from this movie. Charlie Kaufman’s previous stories are among my favourite films. But this movie was terrible. Absolutely

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February 29 2004, 0 Comments

Paycheck doesn’t want to be an action movie. It would rather play out as a thoughtful story about the intriguing possibility of seeing into the future.

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The Last Samurai

January 18 2004, 0 Comments

The culture of the Orient has been fashionable for quite some time in the West. Sushi, Tai-Chi and Feng-Shui are all part of the English lexicon nowadays.

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Bad Boys II

September 21 2003, 0 Comments

Ok, the problem with Michael Bay is this: he makes everything look so damn good. Like a Coca-Cola advert in the 80’s. Everything is extremely glitzy and

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