Manchester by the Sea

February 10 2017, 1 Comments

Most dramas use emotion as a device to connect with the audience. Some emotional event – a calamity or crisis – elicits an emotional response in the audience and pulls them into the story.

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Batman Begins

June 28 2005, 0 Comments

DC Comics was in desperate need of a hit movie to revive its Batman franchise. Movies from the Marvel Comics stable, in particular Spider-man and its sequel, have done exceptionally well at the

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Fahrenheit 9/11

November 1 2004, 0 Comments

After the credits have rolled, Fahrenheit 9/11 begins with recordings of the September 11 disaster. But it’s not the familiar footage of airplanes striking the Twin Towers that we’ve

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I, Robot

July 25 2004, 1 Comments

In his book “I, Robot”, Isaac Asimov sets out the Three Laws of Robotics: a set of axiomatic rules that robots are programmed to follow. The neat logic of the rules prevents robots from ever

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Kill Bill Vol. 2

June 14 2004, 0 Comments

Many people complained bitterly about Quentin Tarantino being allowed to head up the Grand Jury at Cannes this year. After all, he only has five movies under his belt. My opinion? Let them watch

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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

April 18 2004, 0 Comments

I had great expectations from this movie. Charlie Kaufman’s previous stories are among my favourite films. But this movie was terrible. Absolutely pointless. Made no sense whatsoever. In

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February 29 2004, 0 Comments

Paycheck doesn’t want to be an action movie. It would rather play out as a thoughtful story about the intriguing possibility of seeing into the future. However, John Woo is directing the picture,

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The Last Samurai

January 18 2004, 0 Comments

The culture of the Orient has been fashionable for quite some time in the West. Sushi, Tai-Chi and Feng-Shui are all part of the English lexicon nowadays. Isn’t it ironic then that over

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Bad Boys II

September 21 2003, 0 Comments

Ok, the problem with Michael Bay is this: he makes everything look so damn good. Like a Coca-Cola advert in the 80’s. Everything is extremely glitzy and appealing. It’s not hard to imagine

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